SaltStack and Docker with reusable salt states

SaltStack can be used to provision almost anything. I also find it useful for provisioning of Docker containers and orchestration. However, with a lot of salt states, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of similarities in them. Salt states for building images are almost the same for every Docker image. The best solution I found is using SaltStack macros and to make some sort of templates which are then reusable salt states for building any Docker image.

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Alen KomljenSaltStack and Docker with reusable salt states

Debugging Ruby and Rails applications

Debugging is an everyday reality for developers. We are using debugger, printing to STDOUT or some other way to analyze inner processing of our applications. Debugging is great, we can learn a lot trough this process. Some technologies are better at debugging, some less so. Ruby is on a lower end of this spectrum but steadily climbing. While moving from Java to Ruby I was surprised that Ruby did not have IDE for debugging, debugging was only possible through a console. There have been some stabs at this problem, but most of IDE debug solutions for Ruby are simply not that good.

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Haris KrajinaDebugging Ruby and Rails applications

Decrease deployment time of Rails applications by precompiling external assets separately

When deploying Rails applications, the asset compilation phase can take a long time. Typically we have much more code in our external dependencies. As the project grows, more dependencies are added and the deployment becomes depressing, especially if you deploy multiple times a day. This post will discuss one solution to this problem.

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Sadzid SuljicDecrease deployment time of Rails applications by precompiling external assets separately

Persistent PostgreSQL inside Docker

Most recommended way to persist data inside docker is to create data only container. However to simplify things it is also possible just to mount a directory from the host and to use that location as persistent storage. Also, this way it is easy enough to dockerize existing Postgres installations.

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Alen KomljenPersistent PostgreSQL inside Docker