New Relic Server Monitoring on Elastic Beanstalk

When I set out to deploy the excellent and free New Relic’s Server Monitoring agent on a couple of Elastic Beanstalk environments, I was expecting it to be an “easy-peasy copy/paste a couple of commands and it magically works” type of thing like it usually is when dealing with New Relic. What surprised me was that not only that there wasn’t a lot of official documentation for it, but I also couldn’t find a ready-made solution that did what I needed (crazy, I know). And what I needed seemed pretty simple; automatically deploy and configure the nrsysmond agent while having it read some info about the environment.

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Dario DuvnjakNew Relic Server Monitoring on Elastic Beanstalk

Continuous Delivery for Meteor on Elastic Beanstalk via Docker

Few months ago, a Node.js project I was working on made a switch from Express to Meteor. The project was running on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and the continuous delivery procedure we had in place relied pretty heavily on Elastic Beanstalk and other AWS services. The first next step I took was look for the fastest and least painful way to accommodate Meteor in that procedure (i.e. the less changes the better). The first thing I discovered was that Elastic Beanstalk’s native Node.js stack doesn’t support Meteor out of the box, and there was no straightforward way to make it work.

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Dario DuvnjakContinuous Delivery for Meteor on Elastic Beanstalk via Docker